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Thank You for Such an Amazing Summer!

Why does summer feel like it’s the shortest season? As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

This new beach themed Thank You eCard is perfect for thanking people who have helped make your summer fun...or as a thank you after an event...or as a thank you after you receive a gift. It’s always appreciated when people say thank you!

Here’s an interesting fact about sand dollars. The shells that we find on beaches are usually white or a light tan like the one we used in this eCard design. But, live sand dollars that live deep under the water can actually be many beautiful colors like blue, purple and green depending on the species.


This new eCard was created from a close-up photo. We brought the photo into Adobe Photoshop, applied a watercolor filter affect and then added the border and text.

Having a job in the art department at CorpNote is more than just a desk job! We get to go on photo shoots to some pretty fun places. This sand dollar photo was taken on an unpopulated island in South Carolina, US. There were so many shells because you could only get to the island by boat. Such a fun day!

Do you have great photos of fun places? As a CorpNote member, you can upload your own photos and send them as eCards or invitations. And you still get all the same members only features of pickup tracking and online RSVP just like our pre-designed eCards and invitations.

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Occasions: Thank You/Appreciation

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