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What’s On Your Mind? Online Surveys Move Us Forward!

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Our members have spoken and CorpNote will be releasing a brand new mobile site with new and enhanced features this Fall. This new survey eCard was created with some of our new and enhanced features in mind.

  • Customize the type of survey response you want such as single answer, multiple choice, a rating scale or open text response
  • Require information such as name, email address and/or company name or enable anonymous responses to your survey by not requiring any personal information
  • A 'Recipient List' will automatically be generated each time you send a survey eCard so you can easily follow up with people who did not take the survey
  • Link directly to the survey response form (from your own email program, website, blog, or social media) using our Direct Link feature.
  • Track your responses in real time and easily send follow-up messages like reminders, follow-up surveys and more
  • Reports that can be exported or printed based on your needs

We’re excited to share the new site with you so stay tuned!

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