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Online Surveys - A Great Way to Discover What Your Customers Think

Customers tend to interact with a company when something goes wrong rather than about when something goes right. Even worse, they may go right to social media to complain and never tell the company. Rather than trying to find every website where customers talk about your product or service, why not go right to the source? Survey your customers.

A targeted simple survey could significantly improve your customer relations.

  1. Survey with a Purpose. What are you trying to discover? If you can’t answer this question in one concise sentence, then consider creating more than one survey and prioritize so that the first survey you send answers your most important goal.
  2. Less is best. People are more willing to take a survey if it's brief and doesn't take too much of their time. Focus on what you really need to know and whether the questions give you strong enough metrics to understand your respondent's needs.
  3. Use a good subject line. Grab their attention with a subject line that's less than 50 characters long and gets right to the point. This is not the time to be cryptic! You want them to open your message.
  4. Give them something for their time. You can offer anything from a coupon to a free whitepaper download. You might also want to include your offer in your email subject line to get them to take the survey.

When you first send a survey, you might get a lot of responses at first and then a few will drag in sometimes days or weeks afterwards. CorpNote can send you an email reminder when you get a survey response. When you add or modify a survey, there is a question - Would you like to receive an email when someone responds? CorpNote will only send one email per day regardless of the number of responses. How cool is that?!


This new survey eCard was created in Adobe Illustrator using simple geometric shapes.

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