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Congratulations eCards are for more occasions than you might think!

The word congratulations can be used to express joy in someone's achievement or good fortune as well as to express approval or commendation. Almost every day, most people will be able to congratulate someone about something! It's all a matter of recognizing what is going on around us and congratulating people for the big things as well as the small.
Congratulation eCards are most often used for boosting employee morale! Congratulations eCards are often used in a business setting to congratulate someone on a job well done or when someone receives a job promotion.
But how can congratulation eCards be used for marketing? Consider sending an eCard to congratulate the winner of a business card drawing or other promotional contest. Congratulation eCards could also be sent to announce to a person that they are a special recipient of a product/service coupon.
Other congratulations eCard ideas:
  • New baby
  • Graduation
  • Completion of a special course
  • New house
  • Marriage
  • New pet
  • New car
  • New financing

eCard Category:
Congratulations, Graduation, Job Well Done, Weddings/Showers/Engagements

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